Violence - why?

Two stories have appeared not as headlines today, but buried on page three or four on most of the newspapers I have seen them in. One concerns a young lad who was lured to a meeting with a young girl he was rather keen on; he was met by a gang of youths and, in cold blood, stabbed to death, after which the gang strolled away laughing amongst themselves.

The other story is about a teacher who is now charged with the attempted murder of a pupil! It appears that during a lesson the teacher was receiving a lot of barracking from the class, and then had a row with the young pupil, after which he attacked him with a heavy object. The teacher concerned was a very experienced one, and numerous pupils, colleagues and parents have stated how mystified they are that he would have done this. Had he snapped, after a long period of being taunted and knowing that legally, there was nothing whatsoever that he could do about it?

Are these completely separate stories with no link between them? I don't think so. I believe that they all have the same root cause; a complete breakdown in discipline in the UK.

When the Human Rights Act came out some years ago I was absolutely appalled and I told my wife that this was one of the most dangerous pieces of legislation ever passed, and would destroy the moral fabric of this country. Now that a few years have passed I know that the situation is even worse than I ever imagined it would be.

Routinely, young people, usually from ethnic minorities (and I am taking a risk by stating this, even though it is a provable fact) kill each other with knives and guns. What is the reason for this? Is it because particular people in particular social situations are inherently evil, is it because society has driven them to do this by neglecting them in some way, is it because of a breakdown of role models, family or religious frameworks? No, I firmly believe that some people behave like this because they are able to, and they are able to because the Human Rights Act has completely emasculated society.

It used to be a case that even young children could go to the scaffold for stealing a loaf of bread and no sane person wants to go back to those barbaric days but it is now impossible for parents, teachers or police officers to discipline young people in any way without being accused of assault, and it is even difficult to defend oneself since any injury caused to an assailant can result in arrest, prosecution and imprisonment if the powers that be decided that a little more than reasonable force had been used. The result is that we have a whole generation of children growing up in the belief that they are untouchable, and in most cases are absolutely right.

Unfortunately, it is extremely unlikely that any of the current major political parties have any stomach for re-introducing any form of corrective discipline, much of which could transform young thugs into useful members of society. This is why I, and many more like me, will sadly and reluctantly leave this country just as soon as we can for a new life in a more sensible society.

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